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Brisbane Rideshare Club

Comprehensive Car cover Company in Brisbane!

To take advantage of the growing business opportunities in the taxi and rideshare industry in Brisbane, you need to find the best coverage to stay on the road continuously without any hassle. At Brisbane Rideshare Club, we offer the best-in-className comprehensive coverage plans to meet your business needs. We are known as the Brisbane, Top Comprehensive Car cover company for our unique premium plans for all types of rideshares, taxis, commercial vehicles, and VHAs.

Our years of experience in the rideshare community has enabled us to offer a coverage plan that benefits the interest of all commercial car drivers. We aim at providing the highest level of comprehensive coverage for your car, which includes cover for accidents, thefts, fire, storm and damage. We also cover loss for damage to a third party's property or car caused by a vehicle accident. We will provide coverage for such, be it wholly or partly your fault.

Platinum Taxi Ride Share Club is the most renowned and trustworthy car cover company in Brisbane. We will assist you from day one and offer the highest standards of coverage and repairs. You can rely on our services and get affordable Brisbane comprehensive car cover without any expensive overheads. We provide honest pricing and a plethora of other benefits.

Our expert professionals and high-quality equipment will guarantee you the best customer-centric services in case of collisions, damage or theft. Our team of dedicated and friendly staff will provide you with the best quote while maintaining the safety standards of your vehicle. We understand the importance of your business, and offer coverage policies to protect your cars, save your time, ensure regularity in your operations and reduce business risks.

Features and Specialties

Brisbane Rideshare Club ranks among the top comprehensive car cover companies in Brisbane! The industry's top rideshare businesses have trusted us as their partner. Where are you? Learn some of the unique service features that we offer to our clients.

Easy and 24*7 Claims

You can lodge your coverage claims with us online any day without any hassle. We offer assistance 24*7. We are always there for you when you need a reliable coverage source the most.

Maximum Coverage at the Best Price

Our experts understand the importance of comprehensive coverage, and we strive to provide the highest level of cover coverage. We cover everything including accidental loss, damage to your vehicle, legal liability for damage caused to someone else's car and property, and normal wear and tear.

Lifetime Guarantee on our Repairs

We use only genuine parts and tools to repair your car. To prove the authenticity of our repair services, we also offer a lifetime guarantee on repairs done by us. As long as you own the vehicle, our warranty on the authorised repairs will remain.

Recovery of loss of income and Monthly Payments Options

As a member of the rideshare community, we are responsible for recovering your loss of income in accident cases where you were not at fault. We make sure to recover the amount from the third-party involved in the case. At the Brisbane Rideshare Club, we ensure a flexible and secure payment scheme. You can pay your premiums per month by directly depositing the amount.

Get your choice of Eepairer and keep Mobile

You can select your preferred repairer while working with Brisbane Rideshare Club. We enable you to nominate the car repairer of your choice to help you reap the maximum benefits. We also provide you with a replacement set of a hire car if your vehicle is written off. Such services are, however, related to additional fees.

Additional benefits

We offer additional benefits to meet the dynamic nature of your business. We provide cover for damaged or broken window glass, sunroof glass and window screen. We also offer a replacement for the same. We will also replace your old car with a new one of a similar model.

The leading name in comprehensive car cover in Brisbane!

"Your dreams are our responsibility. Your loss is our liability."
At Brisbane Rideshare Club, we provide tailor-made services to all rideshare and taxi drivers. We have a specialist team dedicated to the cause of offering the best coverage plans for taxi drivers in Brisbane. We offer trustworthy, reliable and regulated comprehensive car cover policies to keep your business thriving in the competitive market.
Be a part of our unique car coverage services and get the best deals. We have been observing the market for long and developed strategies to meet the changing demands of the hire taxi industry.

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Why Choose the Brisbane Rideshare Club for comprehensive car cover plans Brisbane?

Expert Help

We are there to help you find the best policy that will suit your specifications. Our comparison tool will enable you to find a great deal of covers for your car. We will assist you throughout the process.

24x7 Support and Friendly Staff

We are here for you 24*7. Our team of experienced, trained and dedicated staff will ensure that you are fully satisfied. Your happiness is our mission.

Easy Claim Policy

Brisbane Rideshare Club offers a reliable and hassle-free coverage plan to guide you in the right direction. We know how to proceed with cover claims and will leave no stones unturned to help you with our policies.

Fast and Reliable Repairs

We understand how important it is for you to get on the road. Our experienced professionals will take care of your repairs quick to help you get back into your business.

Lowest Rates

As a Brisbane best comprehensive car cover company, we offer low-interest rates and payment options.

Transparent Solution

We provide a flexible and transparent Brisbane comprehensive car cover services. We provide quotes and coverage policies without any hidden clauses.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes. Our comprehensive car cover plan covers damage due to extreme weather conditions and fire. It will include hail, storms and floods, among others

Yes, we provide the most affordable price with best-in-className services..

You can easily lodge a claim by contacting us. Our claim process is straightforward, and we are always ready at your service

Yes, we offer optional extras with our comprehensive car cover plan.