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Buying a taxi cover for your taxi can be hassling. Normally it involves a lot of money for your complete peace of mind. However, if you know the right ways, you will be able to save money on your taxi cover price in Australia. If you are looking for the best and most affordable taxi cover Australia, than you are at the right place. Like any other vehicle cover, Taxi Covers also need to be taken very seriously. You need to make sure that your vehicle or taxi is completely secure.

Brisbane Rideshare Club in Melbourne Australia offers the best and cheapest Taxi cover services. Brisbane Rideshare Club works as an independent Taxi club which offers its members the best on road Taxi cover services in Melbourne. If your vehicle is damaged and this is your main source of income you need it to be back on the road as soon as possible.

Pay for damage to someone else’s property or for injury to other persons resulting from an accident for which you as the insured are judged legally liable. Depending on where your taxi is registered, the relevant State Transport Authority may require a minimum level of cover protection to be in place for every taxi you operate or manage.

A Brisbane Rideshare Club membership will enable you work with peace of mind knowing that you have full legal support as member. We offer our members free legal advice Melbourne based services. You can be sure to have the best rideshare cover while on the road.

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We are Providing Best in class Car cover Services

We are the best car cover company in Melbourne for our specialized and highly driver-centric services and plans. Let us take a look at our specialties that make us one of the best car cover agents in Melbourne.


Brisbane Rideshare Club offers hassle free cover claims in Australia for your Ride Share cover plans. Our Claim experts understand the urgency for your vehicle to be back on the road as soon as possible. That’s why our Ride Share and Taxi cover plans are hit with the Melbourne Ride share community.


Accidents are a reality on the busy roads of Australia. Our members at the Brisbane Rideshare Club enjoy full support of our quick response accident investigation team. Which enables us to quickly gather evidence and provide cover claim for our Ride and Taxi cover packages in Melbourne


Brisbane Rideshare Club has a proper team of Legal Experts in Melbourne with a background of cover and Taxi policy claims. With us you can be sure to get the best and expert legal advice for all your Commercial Car cover problems.


Disputes and Claims go hand in hand in Melbourne Ride Share Services. Once with Brisbane Rideshare Club you will have a team of experts watching over your back. All dispute resolution services with cover claims under one roof in Australia.


Insure with Brisbane Rideshare Club and avail the comprehensive benefits of hassle-free and cashless workshop facility.


Brisbane Rideshare Club member enjoy the unique opportunity when servicing their vehicles. All our members get discounts for tires, service, batteries and tune ups.