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Brisbane Rideshare Club

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Welcome to Brisbane Rideshare Club!

We are Australia's top ranked rideshare community and are one of the most popular destinations to get the best cover for rideshare Brisbane. We have been working in the taxi industry for several years and have built a pristine reputation by delivering maximum benefits and complete customer satisfaction to our customers and the members of our community.

When it comes to rideshare cover Brisbane, you must know that your private car cover policy may not cover you while you use your car for ridesharing purposes. Whether you are driving for Uber or some other ridesharing company, we have comprehensive coverage plans for your vehicles.

If you use a private-owned vehicle for ridesharing purposes then we have tailored and compatible rideshare cover Brisbane that can provide the ideal cover at the best prices available in the market. With specialized plans from the Brisbane Rideshare Club, you can drive with confidence and know that your vehicle is always covered and protected. Be it comprehensive car coverage or third party liability, we offer the cheapest rideshare cover Brisbane that can deliver complete protection for your ride sharing vehicle.

We are the number one name in rideshare cover Brisbane that you can trust for all your rideshare vehicle cover needs. Our plans are designed to deliver the perfect protection and coverage and we work with the leading insurers in Australia to get the best offers for our customers. From covering the damage of your own car, to covering any damages caused to another person's car or public property due to an accident, our rideshare cover plans deal with all aspects that might occur due to an accident.

If you are looking for the best cover for rideshare Brisbane at the most affordable prices, the Brisbane Rideshare Club is your one stop destination. Whether it is one car or a fleet, we can provide you with the ideal solutions for all your needs. Contact us today and get all details about the best rideshare cover Brisbane.

Features and Specialties

Comprehensive Coverage

Get complete and comprehensive coverage for your own car in case of any accidental damage, uneventful situations and incidents.

Third Party Damage Coverage

Our rideshare cover Brisbane will cover any damages caused to another owner's car, or public property damage due to an accident.

Theft and fire damage liability coverage

We also cover theft and any damage caused to your car to theft, attempted theft or cases of fire.

Hire Car Benefits

Get hire car benefits after theft, accidents and not-at-fault incidents so that your business doesn't stop.

Driver and Passenger coverage

Our rideshare cover Brisbane is not just meant for your car. Get coverage for any injuries to the driver and passengers, if any.

New for old car replacement benefits

We provide attractive and profitable new-for-old car replacement benefits with our plans. You can opt for these offers based on your plans.

How we help your taxi business?

At the Brisbane Rideshare Club, we strive to deliver highly profitable, affordable and all inclusive rideshare cover Brisbane. We work with a customer oriented approach to ensure that our customers make the maximum benefits from our plans and can operate their businesses stress-free.
We are constantly working to improve your experience with us and deliver seamless service, maximum benefits and the best prices available in the market. Being in the industry for several years, we understand that every rideshare car business owner wants to get back on the road as soon as possible. We ensure that with the best rideshare cover Brisbane, your business operations remain unhindered.
Get the cheapest and most compatible cover for rideshare Brisbane with us!

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Why choose Brisbane Rideshare Club?

Here's why we are your best choice:


We offer the cheapest rideshare cover Brisbane. Get the most affordable as well as profitable coverage plans from the Brisbane Rideshare Club.


We want you to know everything about your plan. Brisbane Rideshare Club ensures 100% transparency with paperwork and the entire process so that you know what you are signing up for and the terms and conditions of your policy.

Roadside Assist

Get instant roadside assistance from expert car mechanics who are sent to the site as soon as you give us a call!

24x7 support

We are always available for you and are very happy to help whenever you need. Get 24x7 support from the Brisbane Rideshare Club.

Nationwide repair centers

We have numerous repair centers all across the country to provide prompt and instant repair services so that you can get back on roads in the quickest possible time.

Lifetime guarantee on repairs

We provide lifetime guarantee on our repair services and parts.

Choose the Brisbane Rideshare Club for the best rideshare cover Brisbane!

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some additional questions answered for you.

All you need to do is give us a call. Talk to us and based on your needs we will recommend you the best plans.

Custom paint, Nitro or hydrogen fuel, a petrol turbo or supercharger, or a roll bar, roll cage or racing harness and other extra or modified parts are excluded from cover.

Yes it does. In fact we have specialized Uber cover plans and our rideshare coverage is meant for all kinds of cars used for ridesharing.

Absolutely. You can visit our cover portal and seamlessly lodge your claim anytime and from anywhere.